What are the benefits of swapping from original to compatible toner?


Whether you’re running a single printer or copier or a fleet of hundreds, you want a seamless and cost effective service from every machine. Over the years we’ve saved countless companies, organisations and NHS Trusts literally thousands of pounds by moving them from original equipment manufacturers (OEM) toner to Clares compatible Premium toner. Understandably we get a lot of questions about the advantages and potential disadvantages of moving away from OEM toner. We thought it would be useful to address some of those questions and dispel some of the myths around compatible toners. Here goes…

What is OEM toner?

OEM, genuine or original toner refers to the toner cartridges that are manufactured and supplied by the same company that makes your printer or copier machine. 

What is compatible toner?

Compatible or generic toner uses remanufactured original cartridges. The Clares brand is called Premium toner. Compatible toners have been completely disassembled and cleaned, and any worn or critical components have been replaced with new ones. They are manufactured to the highest quality in accordance to ISO standards, including ISO 19001 which governs quality and ISO 19752/19798 for page yield, meaning they are of the equivalent quality to OEM cartridges.

How much money can I save by swapping to a compatible toner?

Many manufacturers subsidise the cost of each machine by recouping the profit through the price of their original OEM toner. By swapping to Premium toner we could save you 50% of your current printing costs. That’s because 80% of all printing costs come from associated consumables, i.e. toner.

Can you guarantee it will be compatible with my machine?

We supply Premium toner for all leading printer brands including Brother, Canon, Dell, Epsom, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox.

Will a compatible toner void my printer warranty?

Absolutely not. This is a common myth. Trade laws forbid making the use of a specific product a condition of a warranty unless the product is provided at no cost to the user. Any sales or service technician who says otherwise is trying to mislead you. A printer manufacturer cannot void your warranty because you have exercised your right to choose your preferred brand of toner cartridge.

Is compatible toner as good quality as OEM toner?

In almost all cases you will notice no detriment to print colour quality or capacity. Clares Premium toner provides the same performance and quality as OEM toner. However, if you need to print a lot of high quality images, you might want to consider using original OEM toner because it will have been tested and calibrated for certain papers. So, for general document printing requirements, compatible toner is the best option and our clients justify any slight decrease in quality of high resolution images with the substantial cost savings they make.

Will an OEM toner last longer?

All of Clares Premium range are benchmarked to OEM specifications. That means every Premium toner cartridge prints at least the same number of pages as the equivalent OEM product. 

Will a compatible toner damage my printer?

No. Again this is another common myth. Every Premium cartridge is guaranteed to be free of defects in both materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of manufacture. We guarantee both the cartridge and the machine. If a Premium printer consumable is found to cause damage to your printer, we will repair or provide a new for old printer replacement. The machine will be visited by an engineer within 72 hours of notification.

Which toner is more environmentally friendly?

When you consider that it requires up to three litres of oil to produce the plastic for one toner cartridge and it takes 500 years for it to breakdown in landfill, then you can quickly understand why using a compatible toner is the more environmentally friendly option. Manufacturing of Premium toner cartridges ensures the re-use of plastic and metals while saving energy and reducing waste. The recycling process reduces about 25% of the CO2 emissions and 30% less energy consumed during remanufacture. What’s more, at the production sites all non-usable parts are included in the ZERO WASTE recycling programme and processed into valuable resources. 

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