VOW Newcomer of the Year Award


We are delighted that VOW, our UK wholesaler, has recognised Clares in its annual Venture Awards.

We have received the Newcomer of the Year Award, which is one of nine categories that honours exceptional performance from VOW’s manufacturers and resellers.

VOW is the UK and Ireland's leading wholesaler of business products and services. Clares moved its wholesale supply to VOW last year to capitalise on its incredible national distribution network, the vast range of office supplies (25,000) that they offer, and the cost savings that we could make and therefore pass on to our customers. Over the time that we’ve been working with VOW, we’ve successfully managed to reduce the cost price of goods and we are happy that our customers are benefitting from incredible savings too.

Commenting on the awards, VOW’s Managing Director, Adrian Butler said:

“The UK wholesale channel has been tremendously successful for a long time, and one of the key reasons for this is the collaborative way that we have worked with our partners in the supply chain. I’m talking about both manufacturers and dealers, identifying opportunities, finding efficiencies, driving sales and delivering great service. VOW is really happy to be able to highlight the best-performing of all, and to give them these awards as a sign of our appreciation for what they have been doing.”

We have been extremely pleased with the service and the products supplied by VOW’s dedicated team, and are delighted that our custom and support has been recognised by this award. 


Steve Clare, Clares’s Managing Director commented, “Transitioning from our previous wholesaler to a contract with VOW, was no small decision, but we are delighted to say, we haven’t looked back and have no regrets. Our team has worked incredibly hard, alongside VOW’s team, to make sure the transition of systems, processes and supply of products went smoothly – for them, for us and most importantly, for our end-user customers.”

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Cherly Lamont, VOW Major Accounts Director added, “Clares has a great team spirit, which has aided a close working relationship with VOW over their first trading year with us. The close engagement with all Clares and VOW staff has ensured any issues have been stamped out before they have impacted the business and we believe this will continue through close management of future Clares projects. Clares proactive approach to their new business wins and continued engagement with VOW has ensured we have maximised any opportunities and to this end we view Clares as a valued partner, and they have certainly earned the newcomer of the year award.”

Here at Clares we have been particularly impressed with VOW’s own brand product range, Q-Connect. The Q-Connect products enable us to offer our customers an extensive range of great quality, low cost office essentials. It has significantly increased the number of products that we can offer and supply, which has considerably improved our competitiveness in tail-end spend provision. 

Tail-end spend refers to the large volume of low value, unclassified transactions that aren’t strategically covered by an organisation’s corporate contracts. Our tail-end spend customers can now come to us and use our intuitive systems to select from an incredible range of low value transaction products, and have them delivered the next day. 


Our confidence in the products and service that we receive from VOW, the cost savings that we are able to make and pass on to our customers, and the additional range of products that we are now able to supply, has seen our office products business grow a phenomenal 70% in the last year.


Steve Clare concludes, “To receive any positive recognition and award is wonderful and I believe this award reflects the hard work that both the VOW and Clares’s team have put in, to make sure the partnership is a success. I am absolutely thrilled that the transition to VOW as our wholesale supplier has been such a success and that as a result we have improved our competitive position and are growing our office products business. We will continue to work with VOW to identify opportunities, drive sales and increase efficiencies, and look forward to another successful year.”


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