Introducing our digital scanning on demand service


Digital scanning on demand

Many organisations rely on off-site archive storage facilities, like ours, to securely store their original records and documents. Wherever your data is stored, there will always be a time, when, as a matter of some urgency, you need access to a specific record or file. The good news is we’ve got a fast, efficient and super secure service that can deliver a digital copy of any of your stored documents direct to you, within just two hours. It’s our on-demand digital scanning service and we’re here to tell you a bit more about it.

Offsite does not mean inaccessible

Understandably a lot of our customers have serious concerns about accessing their documents and files once they are off-site. What happens if they need a copy of a specific file? Of course there’s always the option of taking a digital scan of every single document as it enters our facility and before it is archived, but this can be extremely time consuming, very expensive and usually very unnecessary. Unless you’re likely to need access to every single file at some point, then scanning every document would be complete overkill. 

We can deliver a digital copy of any of your stored documents direct to you, within  just two hours.

We can deliver a digital copy of any of your stored documents direct to you, within just two hours.

When the situation arises and you need access to one of your files, then we offer three options. We can either locate the file and physically transport it to you, or we can locate the file, scan it and provide you with a digital copy. The third option would be to scan and provide you with a digital copy, whilst also delivering the physical hard copy to your door.

Every box that enters our storage facility is given a unique identification number, which you can use to identify its exact storage location on our online system. We also offer the option to give each individual document and file a unique ID. If and when you require a file we locate it using our advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tracking system. This provides the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency, far beyond standard bar code management systems, and complies with strict EU and UK regulations. 

We can then either transport the document to you using a secure, tracked vehicle or, if you don’t need the original, or you need a copy urgently, we can scan it for you. and deposit it on a secure server for you to retrieve. Our scanning services includes single and double sided, colour and embossed assets. We offer same day scanning, as well as an express, two-hour turn around service for urgent requests. 

The benefits of our digital scanning service


Our scan-on-demand service gives you the confidence and reassurance that should you need access to a file or document that’s archived within one of our national storage facilities, a digital copy can be easily made available to you - within just two hours if the request is urgent. Our clients love the fact that they can simply request a digital copy whenever they need it.

Cost management

We want to help you control your archive storage costs, which means we don’t want you to have to pay for digital copies of documents that you might never need. That’s why our scan on demand service is so great. You only pay for the digital copies that you actually need, which helps keep costs down.


Security is absolutely key to every element of the services that we offer. Our state of the art storage facilities offer high security with 24/7 patrols, CCTV and finger print detection. This focus on security is extended to our digital scanning service, which is BIP0008, GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant and offers the highest standards of safety, privacy and protection. 

If you have documents and records that you’d like to put into secure, convenient and flexible archive storage, then contact us today to discuss your requirements. We can tailor a document storage solution to perfectly suit your needs, business and budget.

To help you mange your costs, our services are based on an all-inclusive rate, which means there are never any hidden surprises in your bill. To speak to us about your archive storage requirements, get in touch today!



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