Introducing our revolutionary new managed print all inclusive service


Did you know that printing expenses can add up to between one and three per cent of an organisation’s revenue? That’s a huge cost, and that’s why here at Clares, we are always looking for ways to help our customers reduce their printing costs, manage their overheads and drive efficiencies in terms of processes and time. We’ve had our thinking caps on recently and we’ve come up with two new ‘no contract’ managed print models – for organisations who want to simplify their printing expenditure and who don’t want the fixed overheads associated with buying and maintaining their own machines.

The two models are: ‘Penny a Print’ and ‘All You Can Print’. Our Penny a Print model is quite literally what is says on the tin. You pay one pence per page that you print. We take care of all the rest, including providing and maintaining the machine, supplying toner etc. Our ‘All You Can Print’ model is a fixed, single monthly fee, regardless of how much you print per month. 

What’s the actual cost of printing?

Before we get into a bit more detail about how each of our new managed print models work, we want to help you understand the costs associated with printing. 

Most companies are unaware of exactly how much they’re spending on printing. If you’re a small business with one or two printers, it’s slightly easier, but when you’re a large organisation running a fleet of machines across multiple sites, the costs are harder to assess and manage.

You might think that all print expenses are obvious. Not necessarily. The more obvious costs are equipment (procuring the machine), servicing and maintaining the machine and purchasing associated supplies, such as toner and paper. These are certainly the biggies, but there are also some costs that often get overlooked, such as employee burden rates (the time it take to try and fix a machine or organise a repair), replacement parts, as well as the depreciation of the equipment.

It’s the reason that a lot of organisations turn to a professional Managed Print service. A managed print service not only massively reduces the burden of maintaining your printer fleet and the ordering of associated consumables, such as toner, but it helps you control costs. In the current political climate there are plenty of organisations out there that don’t want to commit themselves to a long-term managed print contract. That’s why we put our thinking caps on, and came up with our two new managed print models.

How it works…

We want to help customers manage all their printing costs, within a single payment. We want to help reduce the burden of managing their machines and associated supplies – whether it’s one printer or one hundred.  That’s where our new managed print models come in.

managed print plan.png

1. You choose an appropriate plan. You can view the available printers and plans below


2. We allocate you a printer (or printers) that is designed to handle the volumes that you have identified

deliver printer.png

3. We deliver, install and connect the printer and install remote software monitoring on the printer

auto printer supplies.png

4. We automatically supply all the consumables, such as toner. Everything except paper


5. We service and maintain the printer and provide everything you would expect from a fully managed print service

managed print bill.png

6. We will send you a single monthly bill based on your plan. You will not receive any other bills


Which managed print model is best for you?

  • You pay one pence per page you print. (N.b. This applies to mono printing only)

  • We will send you a single bill for the pages that you print at the end of each month

  • You will not receive any other bills associated with the printer

  • Print as little or as much as you like for a single fixed fee (so long as it is within the printer manufacturer’s duty cycle i.e. what the printer is designed to do)

  • We will send you a single monthly bill

  • You will not receive any other bills associated with the printer

With both managed print models you will be taking full advantage of our professional Managed Print services. Following an initial six month commitment, you will not be tied to a contract. If you no longer need the printer, just let us know. We’ll ask you to settle the final bill and will remove the printer.


Choose a plan based on minimum prints per month



HP M402DN A4 Mono Printer 40 ppm



HP P3015 A4 Mono Printer



HP P4015DN A4 Mono Printer 52 ppm



HP CM6030 A3 Colour MFP 31 ppm



HP CM6040 A3 Colour MFP 41 ppm



HP M830 A3 Mono MFP 56 ppm - 25,000


All you can print

£250 per month

HP M830 A3 Mono MFP 56 ppm - 25,000


What’s the catch?

Good question. In order to make this viable for us as a business, there are a few caveats:

  • This applies to mono (black and white) print requirements only

  • The mono printers we supply are quality, approved, reconditioned printers

  • We ask you to assess your print requirements and commit to a minimum number of pages per month

  • The printer we provide will be selected according to your anticipated print volumes 

What are the benefits of our new managed print models?

To put it simply, we take on the burden of managing and maintaining your printer and printer supplies. All you have to do is buy the paper. We do everything else. Our remote monitoring software will keep a record of what you’ve printed and tell us when you’re running low on toner, so that we can send a replacement, and when the machine is due a scheduled service. It also allows us to keep on top of any potential issues, which means we can provide proactive maintenance, thereby reducing the downtime of the machine. 

All we ask is that you agree to an initial six month commitment. After that there’s no contract. For any organisation that doesn’t want the commitment of purchasing and maintaining their own machine and that doesn’t want to tie themselves into a longer contract, Penny a Print offers the perfect managed print solution.


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