Office Supplies Case Study - East London NHS Foundation Trust



Before Clares Healthcare took over our stock management, our order process was extremely time consuming. We also had problems with too many products which led to high costs. We were unable to compare our costs with other suppliers. The NHS guidelines also meant that our office products costings were completely out of line with our strategy to reduce management costs. Our previous supplier’s project management was incomprehensible and we were always unsure about implementation processes. In total, we were spending over £1 million a year on office products alone.


After Clares assessed our current state, we were told we could save 26% compared to our previous supplier. Clares maximised our savings with a fixed fee model based on our core requirements. Clares were also able to reclaim VAT for us through their outsourced service whilst providing an unlimited supply of products. As spending is very important to the East London NHS Foundation Trust, we were able to predict outlay, knowing that there would be no price increases for the duration of the contract.

Outsourcing the procurement process to Clares Healthcare has massively reduced our administration from order creation to payment. Our users are now receiving a more personal service, the procurement team has greater control and our finance team have only four invoices to match per year.  


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