Secure Shredding Case Study


A case study on fully Managed Service for Secure Document Management/Shredding for a group of Hampshire Trusts


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Security breaches often occur when confidential, personal or company documents and media are inappropriately disposed. These breaches can result in expensive fines for individuals, business and organisations, especially within the public sector. Breaches within the NHS are even more serious as confidential patient data can be compromised resulting in negative public scrutiny and reputational damage.

One of the most efficient ways to prevent security breaches from either inside or outside an organisation is by implementing a ‘shred all’ policy. This policy will ensure that all documents are fully and securely destroyed on a regular basis. For the NHS a Protection Class 2 and Security Level 3 is the minimum requirement for shredding.

Historically, the NHS has paid heavily for this service. In more recent years, the NHS has become cost neutral in some instances or taken waste through PFI schemes. However, a group of Hampshire Trusts approached Clares to look at this project with a view to encompassing shredding into the already successful Managed Service offering for innovative solutions they were taking.

The solution also had to allow for the fact that with the move to electronic records the solution would need to flex up as departments undertake the program of Electronic Patient Records.

Hampshire Trusts

Serving a population of 1.76 million across Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.

Contract Requirements

• To generate an income for the Trust through their confidential shredding waste

• To be fully outsourced to ensure compliance with VAT regulations for COS

• To provide reporting compliancy with ERIC returns for the Trust on a individual and collective basis

• Ability to pick up and shred at multiple Trust site locations on a 2/4 weekly basis where required

• Certified waste licence carrier

• To provide certification of waste disposed on a Trust by Trust basis

• To provide the necessary hardware and cabinets on a fixed cost for the term of the contract

• All waste porters to be DBS (CRB) checked

• To ensure minimum disruption in changeover process

• To be able to offer the service to the IOW for no additional charges


During the scoping phase, a number of options were looked at and worked through on a cost and profit share financial case basis. The result of the scoping project demonstrated an innovative solution that guarantees an income for each of the Trusts involved.

The Service

Clares supplied lockable containers in which to store the secure waste between collections in the same way as had previously been done by the incumbent supplier. Through the secure destruction services, the Clares DBS (CRB) checked personnel collect and shred all of the confidential documents by taking them to the secure shredder baler.

In the case of the Hampshire Trusts, and for ease of logistics, this device is placed on site at Clares warehouse, to minimise the cost to serve as much as possible, to increase the savings for each of the Trusts. Once the shredding is completed, the bales of shredded waste are then collected in a 20ft container. Once the container is full Clares sell the shredded waste to the highest bidder to maximise the income generated for both the Trusts and Clares.


The Equipment

HSM Shredder Baler Combinations:

The shredder-baler combinations are complete, compact waste disposal stations. They ensure data security up to Security Level P-5 but also compress shredded material into handy bales so they can be easily transported. HSM shredder-baler combinations are suitable for shredding large quantities – in archives or for professional document shredding services, for example. The shredder-baler combinations feature the following characteristics:

• Special hardened solid steel cutting rollers: hardwearing, impervious and highly durable

• High user safety through safety bar on the loading table

• This compact shredder-baler combination with three-phase power supply consists of the FA 500.3 large document shredder and a horizontal baling press. This ensures data security in archives or as a central point for document shredding

• It guarantees reliable operation with maximum throughput – even during continuous operation

• The multifunctional operation button enables intuitive use of the machine

• An integrated light barrier ensures simultaneous shredding and baling

• The automatic reverse rectifies paper jams and ensures smooth operation

• Depending on your requirements, you can set the bale weight between 40kg and 80kg

• The high-quality materials and proven quality “Made in Germany” guarantee you security and long service life

Implementation - Example Project Plan


Implementation / Project Management

The project was managed using the PRINCE2 method, tailored to the project requirements. The Project Manager reported, via Highlight Reports, to the Project Board which was established to direct and monitor the projects progress.

The preferred approach to delivering the project was for the Senior Project Manager to engage and work closely with the Clares Healthcare Team, customers and suppliers to determine the exact requirements to deliver a robust, efficient shredding solution. A plan was developed so that the project timescale was realistic and monitored to ensure timely delivery.

Additional Savings Benefit

If the Trust is already taking Office Supplies as part of their Managed Service the income can also be taken as a discount against the product part of the fixed fee to reduce further the amount of VAT payable.

Ongoing Service Development

Since the start of this first pilot case, the uptake of enquiries has further allowed Clares to develop an offering that is both national and scalable. If a group of Trusts wish to set this shredding solution for a number of parties within a post code region then Clares will be happy to look at providing the solution in their region.



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