What is resimercial office design?


Resimercial office design  - the what, the why and the how!

Resimercial – love it or hate it, it’s a term that has been coined to describe a growing workplace interiors trend, and you better get used to it because it’s going to be around for a while. Here at Clares, our office interiors team is not overly keen on the term, but we love what it represents. That’s because it describes an interiors concept that blurs the lines between residential interior design and commercial office space. There’s a lot of logic behind it, which we’re going to explore in this blog. We’re also going to give you a few tips on how you can achieve a ‘resimercial’ office space. So, sit back, relax and read on.

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Whilst a lot of office interior companies are raving about resimercial as a hot new trend, we disagree. We’ve seen the concept bubbling up and evolving over the last few years. It’s a concept that goes hand in hand with the increasing attention given to employee well-being and mental health. 

The focus on employee well-being is long overdue and employers who are giving it their proper attention are reaping the rewards in terms of productivity and profitability. Study after study show that a happy and healthy workforce take less time off, put additional hours in and are more creative and productive. And so, for several years now, many of the corporate interior design projects that we’ve worked on have given a generous nod to employee well-being. Gone are the days of banks of desks, strip lighting and grey carpets. The fact that corporate interior design teams like us exist, is attributable to the recognition that investing in your office interior pays dividends.

These days it’s not unusual to find offices with relaxed, comfortable breakout spaces that allow employees quiet time away from their desk, or an informal area where they can collaborate with colleagues. There’s a whole range of office interior ideas and furniture designed to increase comfort and productivity and create a more welcoming work environment.

The roots of resimercal design

Resimercial takes this concept one or even two stages further by introducing elements that wouldn’t look out of place in your home, into the office. We’re talking everything from sofas, benches, stools and rugs to picture frames and pendant lights. There are a number of reasons why this trend has evolved quite so quickly and is rapidly growing in popularity. 


The way we work has changed.

Sorry Dolly, but working ‘9 til 5’ is about as outdated as your rhinestone double denim get-up. These days we’re working less conventional hours, and thanks to technology, we can be more flexible on where and how we work. We’re also far more connected, which means we think nothing of staying late or coming in early to speak to a colleague or customer on the other side of the world. Introducing elements that make the office more inviting will help employees feel more comfortable and motivated to stay in the office.

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The way we relate to work colleagues has changed.

Gone are the days when personal and work lives were kept separate. These days it’s acknowledged that colleagues and teams that understand and relate to each other, work better together. The annual team-building outing has been replaced by regular post-work drinks, informal presentations and networking, yoga sessions, running clubs and table tennis tournaments. Areas where employees can relax and enjoy some downtime together provide very real business benefits.

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It’s a competitive marketplace.

Injecting personality, vibrancy and individuality into your work environment will not only help you attract and retain talent, but it will reflect well on your brand and your business. A welcoming reception area that’s a home-from-home sets the tone for how you relate to and deal with employees, customers and suppliers alike.

We hope you’ll agree that those are some pretty powerful reasons for considering introducing resimercial elements into your office space. How far you take the concept is entirely down to your business, brand and budget. You may have heard of the term, the ‘Google effect’, which refers to the modern tech companies that have gone all out to make their employees feel at home when they’re at work. We’re not suggesting cabin beds, play areas, slides and fireman poles are for every organisation, but we would certainly encourage inviting some homely elements into your office space.

Resimercial design ideas


There are many ways you can achieve this. A well placed rug is a simple, but highly effective resimercial tool. Put a rug under a meeting room table and it’s immediately transformed from impersonal boardroom to a more welcoming, collaborative area. Introduce a coffee machine and some pendant light and plants, and now we’re really talking. Include a rug and a coffee table in your reception area and your clinical, corporate reception is immediately transformed into a comfortable space that sets the tone for your business and brand.

Even storage and display units can be given the resimercial touch. There’s no reason why display units can’t include framed photos from awards nights and team activities. They’re friendly, welcoming and a fantastic talking point for colleagues and customers. Or why not include vases, ornaments and your employee’s favourite coffee table reads on your shelves?


Introducing patterned soft furnishings is another way to buck the corporate trend. Office environments have traditionally featured block colours, so why not introduce your brand’s colour palette through patterned cushions, blinds and prints. It will certainly brighten up the office and make it more inviting and welcoming. A bold pattern can also speak volumes about how you like to do business!

We’ve barely scratched the surface with this handful of ideas. There are plenty more design concepts and furniture solutions that can help your office feel more welcoming, relaxed and friendly.  If you’re considering an office move or refurbishment, why not get in touch, and see how we can help you inject a feeling of domestic bliss into your workplace. Then all you need to do is sit back, relax and reap the rewards of a happy, productive workforce.



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