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With Hybrid Mail, you could save 50% against traditional mailing methods


What is Hybrid Mail?

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Despite the popularity of email, businesses continue to send huge volumes of mail in the post. The cost of this is far greater than the price of a stamp...

Staff time is the principle overhead, with mail needing to be composed, printed, signed, folded, inserted and sealed in an envelope, stamped or franked then collected by post room staff or taken to a mail carrier in person.

Our hybrid mail solution enables any business or organisation to compose, manage, print and finish mail in such a way that associated overheads are significantly reduced, the mail production process becomes more streamlined and documents are managed in a controlled, secure environment.

Furthermore - with mail preparation being notoriously error- prone and maintaining corporate standards and identity difficult - not only can the cash ow of a business suffer, their image and reputation can too.


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Obtain the higher postage discount rates available of a Royal Mail Business Mail service

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Deliver mail to your customers without leaving your seat

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Increase staff productivity by removing the multiple tasks required to post a letter

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Send documents from your desktop to your customer in just a few clicks – Internet and desktop interfaces mean mail can be composed and transmitted to the mail server remotely

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Integrate with your customers’ in-house applications with an API that can retain existing mail composition and templates

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Validate against a Royal Mail database to ensure the letter is delivered to the correct address on time

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Track and monitor mail from creation to delivery

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Ensure full job integrity, audit trail, and track & trace through Royal Mail MailMark integration

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Automatically archive all printed jobs so they can be viewed and re-printed at any time

Key benefits of Hybrid Mail

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Instant cost reductions

Reduced printer fleet - A printer is no longer required, reducing supplies, operating and maintenance costs.

Large discounts - A Royal Mail Mailmark® can be added to obtain biggest discounts.

Mail consolidation - Mail can be accumulated to meet minimum volume requirements.

Reduced delivery costs - Mail pieces for the same recipient can be inserted into a single envelope so production and delivery costs are kept to a minimum.

Accurate reporting - Accurate and comprehensive reporting allows administrators and management to monitor mail volumes and expenditure.

No need for pre- printed stock - Eliminate the need to hold large stocks of pre-printed stationery, instantly freeing up much needed cash.


Increased productivity

Better response rate - Increase response rate by sending an SMS text alongside your letter.

A solution to all requirements - A web interface, print client and API ensures a mail component for almost any mail production requirement or infrastructure.

Compose mail anywhere - Browser-based and desktop interfaces mean mail can be composed and transmitted by anyone from almost anywhere.

The right address every time - Post code look-up via Royal Mail database ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Simple integration - API means in-house host applications can be used with mail so existing mail composition processes, templates and output data can be retained.


Environmental benefits

Minimal footprint - The SDC central printing system keeps the carbon footprint of the mailing process to a minimum.

Less junk - Address validation reduces waste as less junk mail is sent.

Redundant stock eliminated - Requirement for pre- printed bulk letter headed paper reduced as letterheads are printed as part of the letter.

Alternatives to paper - Recipients able to receive e-mails instead of physical mail further reducing the environmental impact of the mailing process.

Reduced toner use - Fewer letters printed in-house means fewer ink and toner cartridges consigned to land fill.

Use recycled paper - Option to use 100% recycled paper on all mail items significantly reduces environmental impact


Enhanced security

No unauthorised access - Secure login and SSL data encryption prevents unauthorised access and keeps mail confidential.

Keep track of your mail - Mail tracking allows users and administrators to monitor mail from creation to delivery.

Controlled environment - Mail is printed within the controlled environment or the SDC which has been accredited to a very high level of security.

Security certi cation - ISO 27001 Information Security Management certi cation demonstrates we are committed to ensuring the security and privacy of mail data.

Returned mail notification - Mail can contain a barcode that can be scanned for reprinting and notifying the sender if returned undelivered.


How does it work?

Despite the popularity of email, businesses continue to send huge volumes of mail in the post. The cost of this is far greater than the price of a stamp...

Clares’ hybrid mail system comprises of an on-site or off-site server where mail documents are transmitted to. When received, the documents are aggregated prior to the following processes being performed:

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Address validation to minimise undeliverable mail

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Inserts such as maps, instructions and guides added

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Mail sorted in order to qualify for mail carrier discounts

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Same recipient mail combined to cut postage costs and prevent multiple envelopes being received

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Finishing and mail marks applied so folding and inserting equipment can be used and mail carrier service requirements are satisfied

Mail is then transmitted from the hybrid mail server to a third- party print and finishing facility where it is printed prior to being folded, inserted and sealed in an envelope ready for collection and delivery by a mail carrier.

Localised printing and finishing overheads are eliminated and an alternative or disaster recovery mailing facility is always available.


Hybrid Mail Components

Three components are provided to enable mail documents to be integrated into the hybrid mail system:  

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Web Interface

Enables mail to be composed within a web browser. It is also used for managing print queues and print jobs, viewing archived mail, tracking mail and much more.

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Print Client

Used in a similar way to a print driver to enable mail to be composed then transmitted to the hybrid mail server using any Windows application that can print.

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Enables any host and mail generation application to work seamlessly with the hybrid mail system.


Examples of savings to be made using the Hybrid Mail system

Example without hybrid mail

Staff, located in multiple offices, create 1,000 letter mail pieces each day (Mon-Fri) using Microsoft Word. Each member of staff prints their own mail on pre-printed letterhead paper using a desktop laser printer located in their of ce. Each mail piece is read, signed then inserted and sealed in a C5 envelope. At 2pm the mail is collected from each of ce by post room staff then franked for 2nd Class delivery. At 3:30pm the mail is collected by the Royal Mail.  

Example with hybrid mail

Staff, located in multiple offices, create 1,000 letter mail pieces each day (Mon-Fri) using the Hybrid Mail Service print client or web interface. Mail is transmitted to the SDC where at 3pm it is sorted and cleansed/conditioned and printed so the Royal Mail Business Mail 2nd Class Plus Barcode discount service can be used. Each mail piece is then inserted and sealed in a C5 envelope using a folder. At 3:30pm the mail is collected by the Royal Mail.

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* Collect from desktop/office printer, read, sign, insert, seal, collect from offices, apply frank, fill post bags. Manual process based on £12.00 per hour wage. Time taken per mail piece = 2 minutes.

* Collect from central printer, load and unload folder inserter, ll post bags. Manual process based on £12.00 per hour wage.

^ Royal Mail Business Mail 2nd Class Low Sort Mailmark including service related discounts (rounded).

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Save 50%. £448.37 per day. £2,241.85 per 5-day week. £116,576.20 per year

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Staff get valuable time back to carry out core tasks rather than preparing mail

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No manual signing, folding, inserting, sealing, collecting or franking

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SDC central printer means expensive desktop laser printers are no longer required

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Letterhead is printed with letter meaning no bulk storage or wasted paper if letterhead changes

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Benefit from the higher discounts provided by Royal Mail Business Mail service


We have developed many more ways to achieve savings in the Model Office.


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